TY - GEN ID - cogprints6776 UR - http://cogprints.org/6776/ A1 - Duch, Wlodzislaw Y1 - 2009/08// N2 - Informatics studies all aspects of the structure of natural and artificial information systems. Theoretical and abstract approaches to information have made great advances, but human information processing is still unmatched in many areas, including information management, representation and understanding. Neurocognitive informatics is a new, emerging field that should help to improve the matching of artificial and natural systems, and inspire better computational algorithms to solve problems that are still beyond the reach of machines. In this position paper examples of neurocognitive inspirations and promising directions in this area are given. PB - California Polytechnic State University KW - Natural language processing; Semantic networks; Spreading activation networks; Medical ontologies; vector models in NLP; neurolinguistics; neurocognitive informatics TI - Neurocognitive Informatics Manifesto. AV - public ER -