@misc{cogprints6815, volume = {Procee}, editor = {M. Alca{\~n}iz Raya and B. Rey Solaz}, title = {Movement, Action, and Situation: Presence in Virtual Environments}, author = {Antonella Carassa and Francesca Morganti and Maurizio Tirassa}, publisher = {Editorial Universidad Polit{\'e}cnica de Valencia}, year = {2004}, pages = {7--12}, url = {http://cogprints.org/6815/}, abstract = {Presence is commonly defined as the subjective feeling of "being there". It has been mainly conceived of as deriving from immersion, interaction, and social and narrative involvement with suitable technology. We argue that presence depends on a suitable integration of aspects relevant to an agent's movement and perception, to her actions, and to her conception of the overall situation in which she finds herself, as well as on how these aspects mesh with the possibilities for action afforded in the interaction with the virtual environment.} }