%A Darrell Ferguson %A Norman G. Vinson %A Jason Morin %A Joel Martin %A Susan McClinton %A Richard Davies %O conversation w/ editor regarding original rejection. Editor says resubmit. On Wed, 21 Jul 2010, norm.vinson@gmail.com wrote: Isn't text mining and machine learning part of AI; isn't AI cog science ? Please explain how machine learning is not part of cognitive science. Yes it is. Please go ahead and re-deposit. Apologies, SH %T Identifying ILI Cases from Chief Complaints: Comparing the Accuracy of Keyword and Support Vector Machine Methods %X We compared the accuracy of two methods of identifying ILI cases from chief complaints. We found that a support vector machine method was more accurate than a keyword method. %D 2009 %K text mining, keywords, support vector machine, syndromic surveillance %L cogprints6837