%A Dr. Marvin/E. Kirsh %T A Model for the Rehabilitation of Witness Perspective-The Path of Knowledge:The Knowledge of Path %X The sound producing machinery of change is a viral element in the problems of civilization. A silent relation that is unmoved, as it is unexposed to the power of the discourse of change and a silent logic of volumetric processes, together illustrated to companion empirical nature are employed for the elaboration of historical conceptual paradox involving mind and matter. Mind, conceived as an enduring state of the becoming of energy into a state of matter, and matter as the constantly becoming environment, are tested with criteria of witnessibility for consistency to capture an acceptably reasoned description, from a modern perspective, of cultural evolution. A self-generating friction at the conceptual border of the social and natural sciences, as the recurring source of the problems of civilization, is discussed. The philosophies of logical positivism and post modernism referenced from the elaborated philosophy are determined to reflect a need for a representation of nature that is independent of temporal and physical parameters of perspective. Emergence is discussed within the framework of first witness perspective and a visually based mathematical-physical model of space is elaborated. %D 2010 %K universal consciousness; holism;logical positivism, post modernism, emergence, structure and function, egg shape of space; "the concept", inversion, mobius strip, cultural evolution %L cogprints6849