%A SA Salati %A A Rather %J Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences %T Awareness regarding female breast cancer in Kashmiri males - A study %X Breast cancer is a major killer disease in females globally and in developing regions, where the early cancer detection facilities are unavailable, prognosis is even worse. Awareness about this disease can lead to early detection and thereby decrease the morbidity and mortality. A self designed questionnaire was used to study the level of awareness regarding breast cancer among males. The questionnaire had 15 questions and on the basis on score attained, the subjects were classified as having poor, average or good breast cancer awareness. Out of 624 participants, 555(89%) had poor breast cancer awareness and 47(7.5%) had average awareness. Only 22 (3.5%) had good awareness about breast cancer. The level of awareness regarding female breast cancer in Kashmiri males is very low. Measures need to be taken to spread awareness about this disease in males so that they can play a vital role in early detection of this disease. %N 4 %K Breast cancer, males, cancer awareness, teacher %E Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya %V 8 %D 2010 %I Dr. BS Kakkilaya %L cogprints6982