TY - GEN ID - cogprints7023 UR - http://cogprints.org/7023/ A1 - Brysbaert, M. A1 - d'Ydewalle, G. Y1 - 1990/// N2 - Reliability data point to rather high test-retest correlations (>.65) for VHF data with four- and live-letter words as stimuli, but replicate previous findings that the first test score correlates poorly with later test scores. The same results are obtained for accuracy and latency data, though small differences exist. All laterality indices lead to the same conclusions and have high intercorrelations. The point-biserial correlation coefficient is, however, a slightly more reliable index of naming latency than the mere difference between LVF and RVF. No such superiority is found for the indices based on accuracy data. The results also point to the need to present a sufficient number of stimuli before firm conclusions can be drawn. KW - VHF KW - laterality TI - Tachistoscopic presentation of verbal stimuli for assessing cerebral dominance: Reliability data and some practical recommendations. SP - 443 AV - public EP - 455 ER -