@misc{cogprints7127, volume = {10}, number = {7}, month = {October}, author = {Alexandra Dobra}, title = {What does Marx mean by the ?fetishism of commodities??}, publisher = {University of Economics Prague}, year = {2010}, journal = {E-Logos Electronic Journal for Philosophy}, pages = {1--9}, keywords = {Marx, Fetishism; Commodities; Social Relations; Reification; Duplication.}, url = {http://cogprints.org/7127/}, abstract = {The present paper aims to analyse Marx?s concept of ?fetishism of commodities? by explaining the mechanism of a social genesis of determined illusions, arising in the sphere of production and circulation of commodities. It highlights the existence of an auto-sustained autarkic system of 4 variables ? reification, objectification, duplicity and habit - sustaining and leading to the fetishism of commodities.} }