TY - GEN ID - cogprints7294 UR - http://cogprints.org/7294/ A1 - Naeem, M. Asif A1 - Asif, Noreen Y1 - 2011/04// N2 - A web smart space is an intelligent environment which has additional capability of searching the information smartly and efficiently. New advancements like dynamic web contents generation has increased the size of web repositories. Among so many modern software analysis requirements, one is to search information from the given repository. But useful information extraction is a troublesome hitch due to the multi-lingual; base of the web data collection. The issue of semantic based information searching has become a standoff due to the inconsistencies and variations in the characteristics of the data. In the accomplished research, a web smart space framework has been proposed which introduces front end processing for a search engine to make the information retrieval process more intelligent and accurate. In orthodox searching anatomies, searching is performed only by using pattern matching technique and consequently a large number of irrelevant results are generated. The projected framework has insightful ability to improve this drawback and returns efficient outcomes. Designed framework gets text input from the user in the form complete question, understands the input and generates the meanings. Search engine searches on the basis of the information provided. KW - Engine Language Natural Preprocessing KW - Processing KW - Search Smart Space Web TI - A Web Smart Space Framework for Intelligent Search Engines SP - 1 AV - public EP - 10 ER -