TY - GEN ID - cogprints7314 UR - http://cogprints.org/7314/ A1 - Simran Grewal, Vidushi Gupta, Int J Cur Bio Med Sci. Y1 - 2011/04/30/ N2 - The present study was carried out on 100 volunteers of which 50 subjects with BMI > 30kg/m2 were included in study group and 50 subjects with BMI < 30kg/m2 (non obese) were included in control group. The functioning of Autonomic nervous system was evaluated by six non-invasive tests- four of which were based mainly on parasympathetic control (30:15 ratio, standing to lying ratio (S/L ratio), expiration/inspiration ratio (E/I ratio) and valsalva maneuver) and two on sympathetic control (Blood pressure response to standing and cold pressor test). The results of the present study showed significantly low (p=0.001) S/L ratio in study group (1.04 0.12) when compared to controls (1.12 0.11) indicating impaired parasympathetic function. The mean change in sytolic blood pressure before and after cold pressor test (CPT) was less in study group (7.12 5.28) as compared to control group (10.38 6.35) and this was statistically significant (p=0.006) indicating impaired sympatheitc function. Thus ,in obese both division of ANS are affected which may be the cause of various cardiovascular complications. PB - CurrentSciDirect Publications KW - autonomic functions tests KW - autonomic nervous system KW - Body mass index KW - cold pressor test KW - obesity KW - valsalva manoeuver TI - Effect of obesity on autonomic nervous system SP - 15 AV - public EP - 18 ER -