%A Int J Cur Bio Med Sci. Anil Batta %J Int J Cur Bio Med Sci. %T Viral Hepatitis And Enzyme Study %X The present study was undertaken in sixty patients of viral hepatitis of both sexes ranging 20 to 60 yrs. of age to compare serum levels or 5?Nucleotidase, Alkaline phosphatase, aspartate aminotransferase, and alanine aminotransferase & serum bilirubin. Forty of clinically healthy subjects were taken as control group. These were patient?s attendants without any evidence of liver disease so as to equlibriate the socioeconomic status and age. The study group patients were either admitted to Rajindra Hospital, Patiala, or attending the OPD. A detailed clinical examination was carried out in all as per plan mentioned in materials & methods. Diagnosis of these patients was based on clinical findings. Endeavour was to find out a single enzyme marker which is most specific and sensitive parameter out of all above. It was later concluded that value of 5? NT was highly significant as compared to ALP. A positive correlation was observed between AST, ALT & serum bilirubin level. But 5? NT showed no correlation with aminotransferases. %N 2 %K Jaundice, enzyme assay,correlation,hepatocellular damage, cholestasis ,viruses A B C D E %P 41-43 %V 1 %D 2011 %I CurrentSciDirect Publications %L cogprints7320