%A Int J Cur Bio Med Sci. Anil Malleshi Betigeri , Boopathi subramaniyam %J Int J Cur Bio Med Sci. %T Multilocular Cystic Nephroma ? A Surgical and Radiological Dilemma %X Multilocular cystic nephroma is a slow growing benign renal tumor. It has been identified as exclusive adult lesion, more common in females. It commonly occurs as an asymtomatic mass, occasionally with hematuria. Clinical presentation & radiological features puts urologist under dilemma. Only a few studies have correlated the Bosniak renal cyst classification with pathological findings; none of them has managed to recruit many patients, and all have case selection bias. Although new imaging techniques are available, surgical excision and histological analysis of the tumor are the only effective methods to distinguish benign from malignant cystic lesions of the kidney. Here in we present a case to highlight the need for proper diagnosis and designation of these tumors. These renal tumors are benign and carry an excellent prognosis. %N 2 %K Multilocular cystic nephroma, Renal tumors, Bosniak classification of renal cysts, Hematuria, Multilocular cystic renal tumors. %P 44-46 %V 1 %D 2011 %I CurrentSciDirect Publications %L cogprints7321