TY - GEN N1 - ISSN: 0302-9743 ID - cogprints7648 UR - http://cogprints.org/7648/ A1 - Ferrara, Emilio A1 - Baumgartner, Robert Y1 - 2011/// N2 - The amount of information available on the Web grows at an incredible high rate. Systems and procedures devised to extract these data from Web sources already exist, and different approaches and techniques have been investigated during the last years. On the one hand, reliable solutions should provide robust algorithms of Web data mining which could automatically face possible malfunctioning or failures. On the other, in literature there is a lack of solutions about the maintenance of these systems. Procedures that extract Web data may be strictly interconnected with the structure of the data source itself; thus, malfunctioning or acquisition of corrupted data could be caused, for example, by structural modifications of data sources brought by their owners. Nowadays, verification of data integrity and maintenance are mostly manually managed, in order to ensure that these systems work correctly and reliably. In this paper we propose a novel approach to create procedures able to extract data from Web sources -- the so called Web wrappers -- which can face possible malfunctioning caused by modifications of the structure of the data source, and can automatically repair themselves. TI - Intelligent Self-Repairable Web Wrappers SP - 274 AV - public EP - 285 ER -