TY - GEN N1 - Grammatical complement, logical complement, complementary medicine, problem solving, type-2 problems, calculus of variations, semantic tradition, critical philosophy, referential opacity, semantic presence, thematic-roles, binding problem, word-order, Kant, Bolzano, Piaget, Cassirer, Jakobson ID - cogprints7661 UR - http://cogprints.org/7661/ A1 - antiquari(at)vodamail(dot)co(dot)za, Mr S.A. Orwin O'Dowd TI - Critical Foundations of the Contextual Theory of Mind Y1 - 2011/10/05/ N2 - The contextual mind is found attested in various usages of the term complement, in the background of Kant. The difficulties of Kant's intuitionism are taken up through Quine, but referential opacity is resolved as semantic presence in lived context. A further critique of rationalist linguistics is developed from Jakobson, showing generic functions in thought supporting abstraction, binding and thereby semantic categories. Thus Bolzano's influential philosophy of mathematics and science gives way to a critical view of the ancient heritage acknowledged by Plato. AV - public ER -