@misc{cogprints7710, volume = {18}, number = {3 \& 4}, title = {Looking for the Lazy Argument Candidates}, author = {Dr. Vladimir Marko}, publisher = {Institute of Philosophy, Slovak Acadamy of Science}, year = {2011}, journal = {Organon F}, keywords = {Lazy Argument, logical fatalism, logical determinism, historical reconstruction, Cicero, Chrysippus, Diodorus, Megarians.}, url = {http://cogprints.org/7710/}, abstract = {The Lazy Argument, as it is preserved in historical testimonies, is not logically conclusive. In this form, it appears to have been proposed in favor of part-time fatalism (including past time fatalism). The argument assumes that free will assumption is unacceptable from the standpoint of the logical fatalist but plausible for some of the non-universal or part-time fatalists. There are indications that the layout of argument is not genuine, but taken over from a Megarian source and later transformed. The genuine form of the argument seems to be given in different form and far closer to logical fatalism and its purpose is not to defend laziness. If the historical argument has to lead to a logically satisfactory solution, some additional assumptions and additional tuning is needed.} }