@misc{cogprints7713, volume = {323}, number = {5920}, author = {K.A. Zaghloul and J.A. Blanco and C.T. Weidemann and K. McGill and J.L. Jaggi and G.H. Baltuch and M.J. Kahana}, title = {Human substantia nigra neurons encode unexpected financial rewards}, publisher = {American Association for the Advancement of}, journal = {Science}, pages = {1496--1499}, year = {2009}, url = {http://cogprints.org/7713/}, abstract = {The brain's sensitivity to unexpected outcomes plays a fundamental role in an organism's ability to adapt and learn new behaviors. Emerging research suggests that midbrain dopaminergic neurons encode these unexpected outcomes. We used microelectrode recordings during deep brain stimulation surgery to study neuronal activity in the human substantia nigra (SN) while patients with Parkinson's disease engaged in a probabilistic learning task motivated by virtual financial rewards. Based on a model of the ...} }