@misc{cogprints772, volume = {47}, title = {Emergenesis: Genetic traits that may not run in familes.}, author = {D.T. Lykken and T.J.Jr. Bouchard and M. McGue and A. Tellegen}, year = {1992}, pages = {1565--1577}, journal = {American Psychologist}, keywords = {Behavior genetics, epistasis, twins, twins reared apart, polygenic, traits, genetic additivity, gene configurations}, url = {http://cogprints.org/772/}, abstract = {Traits that are influenced by a configuration--rather than by a simple sum-- of polymorphic genes may not be seen to be genetic unless one studies monozygotic twins (who share all their genes and thus all gene configurations) because such ?emergenic? traits will tend not to run in families. Personal idiosyncrasies that have been found to be surprisingly concordant among MZ twins separated in infancy and reared apart may be emergenic traits. More speculatively, important human traits like leadership, genius in its many manfestations, being an eflective therapist or parent, as well as certain psychopathological syndromes, may also be emergenic. These ideas re-emphasize the importance of the role played in human aflairs by genetic variation.} }