@misc{cogprints776, volume = {137}, number = {3531}, title = {Preception in the rat: Autonomic response to shock as a function of length of the warning interval.}, author = {David T. Lykke}, year = {1962}, pages = {665--666}, journal = {Science}, keywords = {Autonomic response, Electrodermal response, electric shock, pain perception, stimulus intensity modulation, preception}, url = {http://cogprints.org/776/}, abstract = {The autonomic response (galvanic skin response) to a noxious stimulus (shock) is reduced when the stimulus is preceded by a warning signal. The greatest reduction, 53\%, was obtaqined with a warning interval of 1 second. Warning also reduces variance of the response over trials, a decrease of over 90\% for the optimum 1-second interval.} }