%A PS Joshi %A S Vijay Shankar %A P Sinha %J Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences %T An Unusual Case of Cervical Tuberculosis %X Tuberculosis of the cervix is a rare disease and accounts to 0.1 ? 0.65% of all cases of tuberculosis and 5 ? 24 % of genital tract tuberculosis. We present an unusual case of 40 years old lady who presented with irregular bleeding per vagina and foul smelling white discharge for 1 year. Per speculum examination revealed an unhealthy looking cervix which bled on touch. A clinical diagnosis of carcinoma cervix was made. However, cervix biopsy revealed granulomatous lesion suggestive of tuberculosis. The patient responded to antitubercular therapy. In women with abnormal cervical appearance, there should be high index of suspicion of tuberculosis cervix, especially from areas where tuberculosis is common as it can be easily treated. %N 1 %K Tuberculosis; Cervix %E Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya %V 10 %D 2011 %I BS Kakkilaya %L cogprints7835