@misc{cogprints7957, volume = {21}, number = {3}, author = {Dr. Ronaldo Vigo }, title = {Modal Similarity }, publisher = {Taylor and Francis }, journal = {Journal of Experimental \& Theoretical Artificial Intelligence}, pages = {181--196}, year = {2009}, keywords = {similarity; modality; higher-order similarity; Boolean relational categories; Boolean metacategories; Boolean operators; modal categories}, url = {http://cogprints.org/7957/}, abstract = {Just as Boolean rules define Boolean categories, the Boolean operators define higher-order Boolean categories referred to as modal categories. We examine the similarity order between these categories and the standard category of logical identity (i.e. the modal category defined by the biconditional or equivalence operator). Our goal is 4-fold: first, to introduce a similarity measure for determining this similarity order; second, to show that such a measure is a good predictor of the similarity assessment behaviour observed in our experiment involving key modal categories; third, to argue that as far as the modal categories are concerned, configural similarity assessment may be componential or analytical in nature; and lastly, to draw attention to the intimate interplay that may exist between deductive judgments, similarity assessment and categorisation.} }