@misc{cogprints7989, volume = {10}, number = {2}, month = {July}, author = {V Bhat and M Jena}, editor = {Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya}, title = {Hamartoma Breast, Chondromatous Type.}, publisher = {BS Kakkilaya}, year = {2011}, journal = {Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences}, keywords = {Cartilage; Hamartoma}, url = {http://cogprints.org/7989/}, abstract = {This case report describes an exceedingly rare case of hamartoma of breast with predominantly chondroid stroma. A 45 year old lady presented with a mobile lump in the upper outer quadrant of left breast, clinically diagnosed as fibroadenoma. Mammography and FNAC were not done. She underwent lumpectomy and we received the specimen measuring 7x5x3cm. Cut surface of which revealed grey white nodule with glistening surface. Histopathologically we found a circumscribed lesion with predominantly mature hyaline cartilage separated by fibrocollagenous bands.} }