@unpublished{cogprints799, title = {A model of learning task-specific knowledge for a new task}, author = {Niels A. Taatgen}, year = {1999}, keywords = {cognitive modelling, cognitive modeling, ACT-R, skill learning, scheduling, working memory, working memory capacity, individual differences, procedural memory}, url = {http://cogprints.org/799/}, abstract = {In this paper I will present a detailed ACT-R model of how the task-specific knowledge for a new, complex task is learned. The model is capable of acquiring its knowledge through experience, using a declarative representation that is gradually compiled into a procedural representation. The model exhibits several characteristics that concur with Fitt?s theory of skill learning, and can be used to show that individual differences in working memory capacity initially have a large impact on performance, but that this impact diminished after sufficient experience. Some preliminary experimental data support these findings.} }