@unpublished{cogprints8143, volume = {March}, month = {March}, title = {Cocaine self-administration in the mouse: A low- cost, chronic catheter preparation}, author = {M Pomrenze and M Baratta and B Cadle and D.C. Cooper}, publisher = {Nature Publishing Group}, year = {2012}, journal = {Nature Precedings}, keywords = {mouse self-administration, intravenous catheter, addiction}, url = {http://cogprints.org/8143/}, abstract = {Intravenous drug self-administration is the most valid animal model of human addiction because it allows volitional titration of the drug in the blood based on an individual?s motivational state together with the pharmacokinetic properties of the drug. Here we describe a reliable low-cost mouse self-administration catheter assembly and protocol that that can be used to assess a variety of drugs of abuse with a variety of protocols. We describe a method for intravenous catheter fabrication that allows for efficient and long-lasting intravenous drug delivery. The intravenous catheters remained intact and patent for several weeks allowing us to establish stable maintenance of cocaine acquisition. This was followed by a dose response study in the same mice. For collaborators interested in premade catheters for research please make a request at www.neuro-cloud.net/nature-precedings/pomerenze.} }