%A PN Shakuntala %A SR Rao %A M Poornima %A VV Padmalatha %J Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences %T A Rare Case of Isolated torsion of Haematosalphinx Presenting as Acute Abdomen During Pregnancy %X Isolated fallopian tubal torsion is a rare non obstetric cause for pain abdomen during pregnancy.We report a case of a 34 year old second gravida who presented with history of amennorrhoe of 7 months, colicky pain in the left iliac fossa , with 2 episodes of vomiting. A Trans vaginal scan revealed a left ovarian cyst. An emergency laparotomy was performed for suspected torsion or haemorrhage into an ovarian cyst. Surprisingly ovaries were normal and a congested and necrotic left tubal torsion with a tubal collection (haematosalphinx) was identified and a salpingectomy was then performed. The differential diagnosis is discussed and the literature is reviewed as it is a very rare clinical entity. %N 2(13) %K Fallopian tube torsion; Acute abdomen; Pregnancy; Salpingectomy %E Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya %V 11 %D 2012 %I Kakkilaya BS %L cogprints8901