@unpublished{cogprints906, month = {July}, title = {The Emergence of a New Paradigm in Ape Language Research}, author = {Stuart Shanker and Barbara King}, year = {2000}, keywords = {dynamic systems; co-regulation; apes; language; ape language research; communicatoin; cymbols; brain development}, url = {http://cogprints.org/906/}, abstract = {In place of the information-processing model that has hitherto dominated ape language research, we argue that it is imperative that we now shift to a dynamic systems paradigm, which places the emphasis on the dyad rather than the isolated individual; which sees ape communication as a co-regulated process, rather than a linear and discrete sequence; which focuses on the variability of ape communicative behaviours, rather than treating them as phenotypic traits; and which is thus better able to account for both the social complexity and the developmental character of nonhuman primate communicative abilities.} }