%A Joshua Jacobs %A Christoph T. Weidemann %A Jonathan F. Miller %A Alec Solway %A John F. Burke %A Xue-Xin Wei %A Nanthia Suthana %A Michael R. Sperling %A Ashwini D. Sharan %A Itzhak Fried %A Michael J. Kahana %J Nature Neuroscience %T Direct recordings of grid-like neuronal activity in human spatial navigation %X Grid cells in the entorhinal cortex appear to represent spatial location via a triangular coordinate system. Such cells, which have been identified in rats, bats and monkeys, are believed to support a wide range of spatial behaviors. Recording neuronal activity from neurosurgical patients performing a virtual-navigation task, we identified cells exhibiting grid-like spiking patterns in the human brain, suggesting that humans and simpler animals rely on homologous spatial-coding schemes. %D 2013 %P 1188-1190 %L cogprints9085 %V 16