@unpublished{cogprints9223, month = {February}, title = {Structure and Dynamics in Implementation of Computations}, author = {Dr. Jacques Mallah}, publisher = {AISB}, year = {2014}, keywords = {structure, dynamics, implementation, computation, independence, inheritance, transference, counterfactual, structured states, neural replacement, partial brain}, url = {http://cogprints.org/9223/}, abstract = {Without a proper restriction on mappings, virtually any system could be seen as implementing any computation. That would not allow characterization of systems in terms of implemented computations and is not compatible with a computationalist philosophy of mind. Information-based criteria for independence of substates within structured states are proposed as a solution. Objections to the use of requirements for transitions in counterfactual states are addressed, in part using the partial-brain argument as a general counterargument to neural replacement arguments.} }