%A Lester Ingber %A Paul L. Nunez %J Physical Review E %T Statistical mechanics of neocortical interactions: High resolution path-integral calculation of short-term memory %X We present high-resolution path-integral calculations of a previously developed model of short-term memory in neocortex. These calculations, made possible with supercomputer resources, supplant similar calculations made in L. Ingber, Phys. Rev. E 49, 4652 (1994), and support coarser estimates made in L. Ingber, Phys. Rev. A 29, 3346 (1984). We also present a current experimental context for the relevance of these calculations using the approach of statistical mechanics of neocortical interactions, especially in the context of electroencephalographic data. %N 5 %P 5074-5083 %V 51 %D 1995 %L cogprints95