%A S Kumar SS %A SNM Babu %A SK Mahajan %A M Kaushik %A BS Verma %A SS Kaushal %J Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences %T Himalayan P waves in COPD - A Rare Feature %X Himalayan or giant P-waves (amplitude =5 mm) are often known to be classically associated with congenital heart diseases with right to left shunt like tricuspid atresia, Ebstein anomaly, combined tricuspid and pulmonic stenosis, etc, where they indicate a dilated right atrium and tend to be persistent. These type P waves are rarely seen in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and in this condition it may be due to structural right atrial changes or hypoxemia or combination of both. Here we report a case of COPD with Himalayan P waves which is a rare entity. %N 4(13) %K Himalayan P waves; Giant; Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease %E Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya %V 12 %D 2014 %I Kakkilaya BS %L cogprints9720