@misc{cogprints9760, month = {July}, title = {Motor Learning Mechanism on the Neuron Scale }, author = {Mr. Peilei Liu and Prof. Ting Wang}, year = {2014}, keywords = {Motor learning, neural mechanism, cerebellum, sensory-motor integration}, url = {http://cogprints.org/9760/}, abstract = {Based on existing data, we wish to put forward a biological model of motor system on the neuron scale. Then we indicate its implications in statistics and learning. Specifically, neuron?s firing frequency and synaptic strength are probability estimates in essence. And the lateral inhibition also has statistical implications. From the standpoint of learning, dendritic competition through retrograde messengers is the foundation of conditional reflex and ?grandmother cell? coding. And they are the kernel mechanisms of motor learning and sensory-motor integration respectively. Finally, we compare motor system with sensory system. In short, we would like to bridge the gap between molecule evidences and computational models. } }