@misc{cogprints9772, month = {July}, title = {Neural Mechanism of Language}, author = {Dr. Peilei Liu and Professor Ting Wang}, year = {2014}, keywords = {neural circuit, language, autonomous consciousness, working memory}, url = {http://cogprints.org/9772/}, abstract = {This paper is based on our previous work on neural coding. It is a self-organized model supported by existing evidences. Firstly, we briefly introduce this model in this paper, and then we explain the neural mechanism of language and reasoning with it. Moreover, we find that the position of an area determines its importance. Specifically, language relevant areas are in the capital position of the cortical kingdom. Therefore they are closely related with autonomous consciousness and working memories. In essence, language is a miniature of the real world. Briefly, this paper would like to bridge the gap between molecule mechanism of neurons and advanced functions such as language and reasoning. } }