%A Mr Terrence Letiche %A Dr Michael Lissack %J Small Group Research %T What About Feedback? %X The role of immediate feedback in-group conversations has received scant attention in the recent literature. While studies from the early 1990?s suggested that ?added information? in the form of non-verbal cues would allow video conferencing to ?augment? the audio-only conference in terms of effectiveness, stunningly little follow-on research has been done reflective of the current state of computer mediated communication, video conferencing, ?live walls?, etc. This article contrasts three studies of immediate feedback in in-person settings as the basis for suggesting a new research program ? research to look at potential effects of augmenting video-conferencing with an immediate feedback channel. %D 2014 %K computer-mediated communication, qualitative research, group process,interaction, meetings %L cogprints9793