TY - GEN ID - cogprints9823 UR - http://cogprints.org/9823/ A1 - Chattopadhyay, S A1 - Pal, A A1 - Jana, N A1 - Maity, D A1 - Bandopadhyay, S Y1 - 2014/08/30/ N2 - Objective: To determine if there are monthly variations in the rate of deliveries in Burdwan Medical College West Bengal, India. Materials and Methods: A retrospective descriptive study carried out in the Burdwan Medical College. We extracted the total number of deliveries from the hospital records for over four year period and analyzed the figures for the monthly variation in delivery rates. This was repeated for a standardized 30-day month and the findings noted. The extracted data then fed into a computer and analysis was performed, based on the grouping of the delivery rates per month. Results: The monthly distribution of total deliveries showed a slightly sinusoidal pattern with two peaks. A major peak spanning two months, August and September and another small peak in April and May. The figure also depicted the nadir number of deliveries to occur majorly in February and March and another in December. Conclusion: There is a seasonal variation in delivery rates in our study. PB - Kakkilaya BS KW - Delivery rates KW - Seasonal variation TI - Seasonal Variation of Delivery Rate: A Four Years Study in a Rural Tertiary Care Centre AV - public ER -