@misc{cogprints9833, volume = {8}, number = {333}, title = {Mirror neuron activity is no proof for action understanding.}, author = {Alina Steinhorst and Joachim Funke}, year = {2014}, journal = {Frontiers in Human Neuroscience}, keywords = {action recognition; action understanding; function of the mirror neuron system; goal coding; mirror neuron activity}, url = {http://cogprints.org/9833/}, abstract = {We focus on the thesis that action understanding is a function of the mirror neuron system. According to our opinion, understanding is a process that runs through hermeneutic circles from the ?Vorverst{\"a}ndnis? (?previous understanding?) to steps of deeper understanding. Our critique relates to the narrow neuroscientific definition of action understanding as the capacity to recognize several movements as belonging to one action. After a reconstruction of the model's developments, we will challenge the claims of the model by Rizzolatti and Sinigaglia (2010). By analyzing the relation between the experimental results and its interpretation, we will conclude that there is no proof that mirror neuron activity leads to action understanding.} }