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Liu, Mr. Peilei and Wang, Professor Ting (2014) Automatic Extraction of Protein Interaction in Literature. [Book Chapter] (Unpublished)

Rdaideh, Mr Mustafa (2011) The International Conference on Information and Communication Systems (ICICS 2011). [Conference Paper]

Kanevsky, Dr Dimitri and Sainath, Dr Tara and Ramabhadran, Dr Bhuvana and Nahamoo, Dr David (2008) Generalization of Extended Baum-Welch Parameter Estimation for Discriminative Training and Decoding. [Preprint]

Kanevsky, Dr Dimitri and Povey, Dr Daniel and Ramabhadran, Dr Bhuvana and Rish, Dr Irina and Sainath, Dr Tara (2008) A New Family of Extended Baum-Welch Update Rules. [Preprint]

Kanevsky, Dr Dimitri and Povey , Dr Daniel and Ramabhadran, Dr Bhuvana and Sainath, Dr Tara (2007) Adapted Extended Baum-Welch transformations. [Preprint]

Saba, Walid (2007) A Note on Ontology and Ordinary Language. (Unpublished)

Natsuki, Oka and Mitsuyoshi, Ozaka (2005) A Platform for Education in ‘Interaction Design for Adaptive Robots’. [Conference Poster]

Oudeyer, Pierre-Yves (2005) The Self-Organization of Speech Sounds. [Journal (Paginated)]

Tsur, Reuven (2003) Aspects of Cognitive Poetics. [Book Chapter]

Yoshikawa, Yuichiro and Koga, Junpei and Asada, Minoru and Hosoda, Koh (2003) A Constructive Model of Mother-Infant Interaction towards Infant’s Vowel Articulation. [Conference Paper]

Breidegard, Bjorn and Balkenius, Christian (2003) Speech Development by Imitation. [Conference Paper]

Tsur, Reuven (2002) Phonetic Cues and Dramatic Function Artistic Recitation of Metered Speech. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Varshavskaya, Paulina (2002) Behavior-Based Early Language Development on a Humanoid Robot. [Conference Paper]

Oudeyer, Pierre-Yves (2002) Phonemic Coding Might Result From Sensory-Motor Coupling Dynamics. [Conference Paper]

Zellner Keller, Dr. Brigitte (2002) Revisiting the Status of Speech Rhythm. [Conference Paper]

Tsur, Reuven (2001) Onomatopoeia: Cuckoo-Language and Tick-Tocking+◊. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Akman, Varol (1999) Book Review--Ronald Cole (editor-in-chief), Joseph Mariani, Hans Uszkoreit, Annie Zaenen, and Victor Zue, eds., Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology. [Journal (Paginated)]

Aussem, A. (1999) Dynamical recurrent neural networks towards prediction and modeling of dynamical systems. [Journal (Paginated)]

Ramus, Franck and Mehler, Jacques (1999) Language identification with suprasegmental cues: A study based on speech resynthesis. [Journal (Paginated)]

Adams, L. J and Damper, S. and Harnad, Stevan and Hall, W (1999) A system design for human factors studies of speech-enabled Web browsing. [Conference Paper]

Zellner, Brigitte (1998) Temporal structures for Fast and Slow Speech Rate. [Conference Paper]

Aussem, Alex and Murtagh, Fionn (1997) Combining Neural Network Forecasts on Wavelet-Transformed Time Series. [Journal (Paginated)]

Pallier, Christophe (1997) Phonemes and Syllables in Speech Perception: size of the attentional focus in French. [Conference Paper]

Damper, R I and Harnad, Stevan (1997) The Psychophysics of Synthetic Categorical Perception. [Preprint]

Aussem, A. and Murtagh, F. and Sarazin, M. (1995) Dynamical Recurrent Neural Networks: Towards Environmental Time Series Prediction}. [Journal (Paginated)]

Roberts, Mark D. (1995) Ultrametric Distance in Syntax. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Roberts, Mark D. (1995) Ultrametric Distance in Syntax. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Scheler, Gabriele (1994) Feature Selection with Exception Handling - An Example from Phonology. [Conference Paper]

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