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von der Malsburg, Christoph (1981) The Correlation Theory of Brain Function. [Departmental Technical Report]

Oades, (1981) Dopaminergic agonistic and antagonistic drugs in the ventral tegmentum of rats inhibit and facilitate changes of food-search behaviour. [Journal (Paginated)]

Kristal, Dr. Mark B. and Peters, L. C. and Franz, J.R. and Whitney, J.F. and Nishita, J. Ken and Steuer, M. A. (1981) The effect of pregnancy and stress on the onset of placentophagia in Long-Evans rats. [Journal (Paginated)]

Markovitch, J. S. (1981) The Evolution of Semantic Memory and Spreading Activation. [Preprint]

Oades, (1981) Impairments of search behaviour in rats after haloperidol treatment, hippocampal or neocortical damage suggest a mesocorticolimbic role in cognition. [Journal (Paginated)]

Josephson, Brian D. and Hauser, H. M. (1981) Multistage Acquisition of Intelligent Behaviour. [Journal (Paginated)]

Kristal, Dr. Mark B. and Nishita, J. Ken (1981) Observing birth and placentophagia affects placentophagia but not maternal behavior of virgin rats. [Journal (Paginated)]

Kristal, Dr. Mark B. and Whitney, J.F. and Peters, L. C. (1981) Placenta on pups' skin accelerates onset of maternal behaviour in non-pregnant rats. [Journal (Paginated)]

Oades, R.D. and Messent, (1981) Testosterone administration in chicks affects responding in the presence of task irrelevant stimulus changes. [Journal (Paginated)]

Oades, (1981) Types of memory or attention ? Impairments after lesions of the hippocampus and limbic ventral tegmentum. [Journal (Paginated)]

Sloman, Aaron and Croucher, Monica (1981) Why robots will have emotions. [Departmental Technical Report]

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