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Experimenting with Exception Propagation Mechanisms in Service-Oriented Architectures

Gorbenko, Anatoliy and Kharchenko, Vyacheslav and Romanovsky, Alexander and Mikhaylichenko, Alexey (2008) Experimenting with Exception Propagation Mechanisms in Service-Oriented Architectures. In: 4th International Workshop on Exception Handling (WEH.08), at ACM SIGSOFT 2008/FSE 16, 14 November, 2008, Atlanta, USA. (In Press)



Exception handling is one of the popular means used for improving dependability and supporting recovery in the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). This practical experience paper presents the results of error and fault injection into Web Services. We summarize our experiments with the SOA-specific exception handling features provided by the two development kits: the Sun Microsystems JAX-RPC and the IBM WebSphere Software Developer Kit for Web Services. The main focus of the paper is on analyzing exception propagation and performance as the major factors affecting fault tolerance (in, particular, error handling, and fault diagnosis) in Web Services.

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