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Validating the Consistency of Specification Rules

Hoang, Thai Son and Itoh, Shinji and Oyama, Kyohei and Miyazaki, Kunihiko and Kuruma, Hironobu and Sato, Naoto (2015) Validating the Consistency of Specification Rules. Technical Report. N/A. (Unpublished)



This paper focuses on the consistency analysis of specification rules, those expressing relationships between input and expected output of systems. We identify the link between Minimal Inconsistent Sets (MISes) of rules and Minimal Unsatisfiable Subsets (MUSes) of constraints. Furthermore, we develop a novel algorithm using SMT solvers for fast enumeration of MUSes, an essential component for practical validation of rules' consistency. We evaluate the algorithm using publicly available benchmarks. Finally, we apply our developed technique to check consistency of specifications rules of examples extracted from actual case studies.

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