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Magpie: Browsing and Navigating on the Semantic Web

Domingue, Dr John and Dzbor, Dr Martin and Motta, Prof Enrico (2004) Magpie: Browsing and Navigating on the Semantic Web. In Nunes, Nuno and Rich, Charles, Eds. Proceedings ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI), pages pp. 191-197, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.

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We describe several advanced functionalities of Magpie – a tool that assists users with interpreting the web resources. Magpie is an extension to the Internet Explorer that automatically creates a semantic layer for web pages using a user-selected ontology. Semantic layers are annotations of a web page, with a set of applicable semantic services attached to the annotated items. We argue that the ability to generate different semantic layers for a web resource is vital to support the interpretation of web pages. Moreover, the assignment of semantic web services to the entities allows users to browse their neighbourhood semantically. At the same time, the Magpie suite offers trigger functionality based on the patterns of an automatically updated semantic log. The benefits of such an approach are illustrated by a semantically enriched browsing history management.

Keywords:[Hypertext/Hypermedia]: Architecture, Navigation, User Issues – semantic web browsing, semantic services, browsing history management
Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge reuse
Status > AKT Submitted
AKT Challenges > Knowledge publishing
ID Code:298
Deposited By:Dzbor, Dr Martin
Deposited On:28 May 2004
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