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AQUA- Ontology-Based Question Answering System

Vargas-Vera, Dr M. and Motta, Dr E. (2004) AQUA- Ontology-Based Question Answering System. In Monroy, Dr R. and Arroyo-Figueroa, G. and Sucar, L.E. and Sossa-Azuela, J.H., Eds. Proceedings Third International Mexican Conference on Artificial Intelligence (MICAI-2004)(Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2972), Mexico City, Mexico.

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This paper describes AQUA, an experimental question answering system. AQUA combines Natural Language Processing (NLP), Ontologies, Logic, and Information Retrieval technologies in a uniform framework. AQUA makes intensive use of an ontology in several parts of the question answering system. The ontology is used in the refinement of the initial query, the reasoning process, and in the novel similarity algorithm. The similarity algorithm, is a key feature of AQUA. It is used to find similarities between relations used in the translated query and relations in the ontological structures.

Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge retrieval
ID Code:321
Deposited By:Vargas-Vera, Dr Maria
Deposited On:06 June 2004
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