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AQUA: An Ontology-Driven Question Answering System

Vargas-Vera, Dr M. and Motta, Dr E. and Domingue, Dr J. (2003) AQUA: An Ontology-Driven Question Answering System. In Maybury, Dr M. T., Eds. Proceedings AAAI Spring Symposium, New Directions in Question Answering, pages pp. 53-57, Stanford University, CA USA.

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The use of the web has become popular and also the need of services that could exploit the vast amount of information in it. Therefore, there is a need for automated question answering systems. These kind of systems should allow users to ask questions in everyday language and receive an answer quickly and with a context which allows the user to validate the answer. Current search engines can return ranked list of documents but they do not deliver answers to users.

Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge retrieval
ID Code:322
Deposited By:Vargas-Vera, Dr Maria
Deposited On:06 June 2004
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