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Modelling Data-Intensive Web Sites with OntoWeaver

Lei, Ms Y and Motta, Prof E and Domingue, Dr J (2004) Modelling Data-Intensive Web Sites with OntoWeaver. In Proceedings The International Workshop on Web Information System Modelling (WISM 2004), pages pp. 106-121, Riga, Latvia.

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This paper illustrates the OntoWeaver modelling approach, which relies on a set of comprehensive site ontologies to model all aspects of data-intensive web sites and thus offers high level support for the design and development of data-intensive web sites. In particular, the OntoWeaver site ontologies comprise two components: a site view ontology and a presentation ontology. The site view ontology provides meta-models to allow for the composition of sophisticated site views, which allow end users to navigate and manipulate the underlying domain databases. The presentation ontology abstracts the look and feel for site views and makes it possible for the visual appearance and layout to be specified at a high level of abstraction.

Keywords:Conceptual Web Modelling, Ontologies, Data-intensive Web Sites
Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge publishing
ID Code:343
Deposited By:Lei, Dr Yuangui
Deposited On:06 July 2004

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