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OntoWeaver-S: Integrating Web Services into Data-Intensive Web Sites

Lei, Ms Y and Motta, Prof E and Domingue, Dr J (2004) OntoWeaver-S: Integrating Web Services into Data-Intensive Web Sites. In Proceedings WWW2004 workshop on Application Design, Development and Implementation Issues in the Semantic Web, New York.

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Designing web sites is a complex task. Ad-hoc rapid prototyping easily leads to unsatisfactory results, e.g. poor maintainability and extensibility. However, existing web design frameworks focus exclusively on data presentation: the development of specific functionalities is still achieved through low-level programming. In this paper we address this issue by describing our work on the integration of (semantic) web services into a web design framework, OntoWeaver. The resulting architecture, OntoWeaver-S, supports rapid prototyping of service-centred data-intensive web sites, which allow access to remote web services. In particular, OntoWeaver-S is integrated with a comprehensive web service platform, IRS-II, for the specification, discovery, and execution of web services. Moreover, it employs a set of comprehensive site ontologies to model and represent all aspects of service-centred data-intensive web sites, and thus is able to offer high level support for the design and development process.

Keywords:Data-Intensive Web Sites, Web Services, Integration, Conceptual Web Modelling
Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge publishing
ID Code:344
Deposited By:Lei, Dr Yuangui
Deposited On:06 July 2004

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