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An Agent-based e-Science Experiment Builder

Walton, Dr Christopher and Barker, Mr Adam (2004) An Agent-based e-Science Experiment Builder. 1st International Workshop on the Semantic Grid (GridSem'04), Valencia, Spain.

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In this paper we demonstrate the use of agent technology to assist in the construction and enactment of e-Science experiments. Our approach is founded on the adaptation of an agent protocol language to perform composition of web services. We present a definition of the language, and show how it can be used to express e-Science experiments. We also describe a tool, called MagentA, which allows experiments to be rapidly constructed, verified, and enacted.

Keywords:e-Science, agents, web services, service coordination
Subjects:Status > AKT Submitted
ID Code:346
Deposited By:Walton, Dr Chris
Deposited On:30 June 2004

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