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Proposed Functional-Style Extensions for Semantic Web Service Composition

Norton, Mr. Barry (2004) Proposed Functional-Style Extensions for Semantic Web Service Composition. In Domingue, Dr. John and Cabral, Dr. Liliana and Motta, Prof. Enrico, Eds. Proceedings First AKT Workshop on Semantic Web Services 122, KMi, Milton Keynes.

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In a related paper we set out how various parts of a semantic web service-based architecture for Armadillo, a harvesting tool for semantic annotation, can be instantiated with information extraction and related language services. We have constructed this as a workflow in BPEL4WS, reasoning, as have several other authors, that even while we should like to take advantage of semantic web service technology there exist few, if any, generally available choreography solutions for OWL-S. As a result we plan to take the lessons learned as input to an effort to implement and extend a `coordination engine' for OWL-S in the CASheW-s project.

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Deposited By:Norton, Mr Barry
Deposited On:10 March 2005
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