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Ontology Selection: Ontology Evaluation on the Real Semantic Web

Sabou, Marta and Lopez, Vanessa and Motta, Enrico and Uren, Victoria (2006) Ontology Selection: Ontology Evaluation on the Real Semantic Web. In Proceedings The 4th International EON Workshop, Evaluation of Ontologies for the Web, colocated with WWW2006.

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The increasing number of ontologies on the Web and the appearance of large scale ontology repositories has brought the topic of ontology selection in the focus of the semantic web research agenda. Our view is that ontology evaluation is core to ontology selection and that, because ontology selection is performed in an open Web environment, it brings new challenges to ontology evaluation. Unfortunately, current research regards ontology selection and evaluation as two separate topics. Our goal in this paper is to explore how these two tasks relate. In particular, we are interested to get a better understanding of the ontology selection task and filter out the challenges that it brings to ontology evaluation. We discuss requirements posed by the open Web environment on ontology selection, we overview existing work on selection and point out future directions. Our major conclusion is that, even if selection methods still need further development, they have already brought novel approaches to ontology evaluation.

Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge reuse
ID Code:487
Deposited By:Sabou, Marta
Deposited On:31 March 2006

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