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OntoSearch: Retrieval and Reuse of Ontologies

Thomas, Edward and Zhang, Yi and Sleeman, Derek and Preece, Alun and McKenzie, Craig and Wright, Joe (2005) OntoSearch: Retrieval and Reuse of Ontologies. In Proceedings of AIME-05 workshop on Biomedical Ontology Engineering, Aberdeen, UK.

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This document provides an update on the development of OntoSearch[1][2], an ontology search engine designed to help users find RDF based ontological information on the Semantic Web. It uses the Google API to search several million documents on the Semantic Web and uses these results to populate a local repository of ontological data. This is then searched using queries optimised for the relationships within Ontologies. It supports various visualisation and representational algorithms. These facilities allow the user to make a rapid assessment of the files retrieved.

Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge reuse
AKT Challenges > Knowledge retrieval
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