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Ontologies Change and Queries Break: Towards a Solution

Liang, Mr. Yaozhong and Alani, Dr. Harith and Shadbolt, Prof. Nigel (2006) Ontologies Change and Queries Break: Towards a Solution. In Proceedings 15th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management-Managing Knowledge in a World of Networks (EKAW 2006), Podebrady, Prague, Czech Republic.

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Keeping track of ontology changes is becoming a critical issue for ontology-based applications. Updating an ontology that is in use may result in inconsistencies between the ontology and the knowledge base, dependent ontologies and applications/services. Current research concentrates on the creation of ontologies and how to manage ontology changes in terms of mapping ontology versions and keeping consistent with the instances. Very little work investigated ontrolling the impact on dependent applications/services; which is the aim of the system presented in this paper. The approach we propose is to make use of ontology change logs to analyse incoming RDQL queries and amend them as necessary. Revised queries can then be used to query the ontology and knowledge base as requested by the applications and services. We describe the design of our prototype system, and discuss related problems and future directions.

Keywords:ontology change management, ontology versioning, knowledge management, semantic web
Subjects:Student Papers
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Deposited By:LIANG, Mr. Yaozhong
Deposited On:23 January 2007

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