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Ontology Change Management in Protégé

Liang, Mr. Yaozhong and Alani, Dr. Harith and Shadbolt, Prof. Nigel (2005) Ontology Change Management in Protégé. In Proceedings AKT DTA Colloquium, Milton Keynes, UK.

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Ontology schemas tend to change and evolve over time to meet new requirements. This change may invalidate dependent applications if there is no dynamic adaptation to the changes made to underlying ontologies. Protégé, as a popular ontology development tool, should meet the challenges addressed by the evolving ontology. In this paper, we will briefly analyse the current ontology-change management in Protégé, and propose some extensions to facilitate change traceability by external application and services.

Keywords:Ontology change management, Ontology management, Protégé
Doctoral Symposia > First Doctoral Symposium
AKT Challenges > Knowledge maintenance
ID Code:542
Deposited By:LIANG, Mr. Yaozhong
Deposited On:23 January 2007

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