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SemSearch: a search engine for the semantic web

Lei, Y. and Uren, V.S. and Motta, E. (2006) SemSearch: a search engine for the semantic web. In Proceedings EKAW 2006, Managing Knowledge in a World of Networks, pages pp. 238-245, POdebrady, Czech Republic.

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Existing semantic search tools have been primarily designed to enhance the performance of traditional search technologies but with little support for ordinary end users who are not necessarily familiar with domain specific semantic data, ontologies, or SQL-like query languages. This paper presents SemSearch, a search engine, which pays special attention to this issue by providing several means to hide the complexity of semantic search from end users and thus make it easy to use and effective.

Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge retrieval
ID Code:561
Deposited By:Uren, Dr Victoria
Deposited On:14 February 2007

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