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ONTOSEARCH2: Searching and Querying Web Ontologies

Pan, J Z and Thomas, E J and Sleeman, D H (2006) ONTOSEARCH2: Searching and Querying Web Ontologies. In Proceedings IADIS International Conference WWW/Internet 2006, pages pp. 211-219, University of Murcia.

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Ontologies are important components of web-based applications. While the Web makes an increasing number of ontologies widely available for applications, how to discover ontologies in the Web becomes a more challenging issue. Existing approaches are mainly based on keywords and metadata information of ontologies, rather than semantic entailments of ontologies. In this paper, we present a Semantic Web engine, called ONTOSEARCH2, which searches and queries Web ontologies by creating and storing a copy of ontologies in a tractable description logic. ONTOSEARCH2 allows formal querying of its repository, including both the structures and instances of ontologies, using the SPARQL query language. Furthermore, this paper reports on preliminary, but encouraging, benchmark results which compare ONTOSEARCH2’s response times on a number of queries with those of existing knowledge base management systems.

Keywords:Semantic Web, Ontology, Description Logics, Search, Query
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